This little Aynsley Teapot has a four to five cup capacity and features sprays of pink and lavender flowers with a pale green trim and a fern leaf border with pink detail around the lid and top of the pot.


This Empire Ware teapot has a large eight cup capacity.  It features a tropical floral design with a handsome colourful parrot.  It has beautiful green detailing on the spout and handle and it is a lovely 'pourer'.

This Tuscan pattern dates somewhere between the end of the 1940's to the early 1950's and features a pretty prink and blue daisy pattern with enamelling above a pale blue band.  This teapot holds four to six cups depending on cup size.


This Royal Albert oval serving platter or ashet in the 'Serena' pattern which was first introduced in 1945 and it is still a very popular pattern today. The pattern features a darling ring of roses pattern around the outside rim.


This Foley dish features an 'all over' pattern of tiny pink, blue and yellow flowers.  The dish is square with a slight fluting to the edge and gold trim.  This Foley mark was produced by E. Brain & Co Ltd in Fenton between 1948 and the early 1960's.

This is a good sized dish best used for jam or sweets.

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This Royal Albert pattern is called 'Prudence' green and was produced by Royal Albert between 1927 and 1935. It features a green multi floral bouquet pattern with a lace border design and gold trim and it is a real favourite.


This sweet little Royal Albert jam dish features an early back stamp for between 1927 and 1935.  The pie crust styled edge is trimmed in blue and hand painted flowers in shades of blue, lavender, yellow and orange decorate the inside of the dish.

One jam dish is available in this pattern.

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This Old Foley pattern is called 'Regal' and features sprays of flowers in pink, blue and yellow dominated by a pink rose with tiny blue forget'me'nots. 

One sandwich tray is available in the Regal pattern.  This pattern also features on our Chelson China teapot.

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